COVID-19 – Business as Usual

Mar 13, 2020General

We are still open for business, and we have a solution to avoid contracting the virus.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic I think it’s clear that we are moving into uncertain times and anxiety is rising.

We are in a very fortunate position, that we are able to run our business remotely without any consequences, we are also very aware that this may not be the case for everyone.


Our business model allows us to work with our clients throughout the world by using online tools for all stages of our project and it’s management.

To avoid the potential of contracting the virus we have compiled a list of tools that allows us to connect remotely with you (the client).

We believe that it’s very important in these uncertain times to support Small Businesses and we believe that we have found the solution to keep business running as normal.

Useful Tools